Ad Service & Price

Media Size

Type & Frequency



Big Size Banner (Home)

Featured Ad

INR 3000/-

INR  10000/-

Side Bar Big banner

Side Ad

INR 5000/-

INR 7000/-

wide Banner

Upside Ad

INR 2500/-

INR 8000/-

wide Banner

Middle Ad

INR 1500/-

INR 5000/-

wide Banner

Bottom Ad

INR 1000/-

INR 3000/-

Premium listing

Top Listing

INR 1000/-

INR 3000/-

Sponsored ad

Top Side Home

INR 800/-

INR 2500/-

Highlighter & Top

Highlight Listing

INR 500

INR 1500/-

Google Advert. Ad

Based on target Audience and Duration

Facebook Page Sponsored

Based on target Audience and Duration

Digital & social marketing

As per requirement messaging & sharing.

Design of Ad Extra Charge

Based on creation timing./ad image

Visit charge for Regd.

INR 200/- to INR 500 (upon time & duration)

2019 One line Advertisement Rate Card

*Payment only in favour of Parent Company “Media People Network” Cash, Cheque or online on

and via PayTM, CCAvenue and Paypal.

A Media People Network Company is a online marketplace and platform for advertise, buying and selling goods and services find

your daily needs as electrician, plumbers and Medicine shops, clinic and doctors.

 Join the millions who buy and sell from each other every day in local communities around the world.

-By Brand & mktg.Manager